What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Beginner Guitar Lessons Online?

Streaming video lessons and other online resources are revolutionizing the way people can learn from the convenience of their own home. There are some disadvantages to this method, but they are minimal when you consider the advantages of online learning?

Advantage: Convenience

Imagine how great life would be if you could do everything from home:  exercise, shop, work, learn, etc. Now, with advances in Internet speed and technology, the home guitar education is no longer just a vision, it’s a reality! With high quality internet connections, online guitar lessons are transmitted to the computer as a video.

Traditional methods of lessons require that the student commutes to a studio or music shop for his or her lessons. By driving 30 minutes each way, you will spend more on gas than the same class! They are also required to set up appointments.   With online lessons, you can sit down and practice anytime you want without having to go anywhere. There are no restrictions of any kind.

Advantage:  Choosing an instructor

With a site such as Jamorama, you’ll be presented with many instructors who will teach you how to play guitar online. You have access to their profile, curriculum, and lesson samples. You can decide on someone who will be best suit your needs. You can use all the lessons you want from each teacher — there are no restrictions.

Beyond the personality appeal of all the instructors, you must consider their teaching styles. You can like a person’s personality, but her style may not be what you are looking for. Some teachers tend to be visual while others are more hands on. Many teachers are partial to a particular musical genre. It’s rare to find someone who’s talented at multiple styles (such as classic rock, metal, country, etc). In a place like Jamorama, you’ll be able to learn all styles from a variety of different teachers.

Advantage:  Flexible lesson plans

There’s not much in this world more irritating than learning just what somebody else wants to teach you. Sometimes a teacher will be pretty stubborn, and teach the curriculum that is exactly the same, regardless of what a student needs. This can result in dull lessons, obviously, and takes away from the learning. With the approach of multi-instructor beginner guitar lessons online, you can choose exactly what you want to learn.

Unlike other methods (DVD, personal instructors, books, etc), Jamorama will allow YOU to decide how you want to learn and when.

Advantage: Accessibility

This is one of the most important things to consider. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on guitar lessons. They could count on spending $ 20 or more per one half-hour lesson with instructions in person!

The business function for a site membership allows the company to offer a lot of content for less money. Let’s say, for example, that a site has a hundred members paying $12/month each. This means that they (the website) generate $1200 revenue. They can then use that $1200 to film even more guitar video lessons online.

In the world of face-to-face lessons, it is often not physically possible for a teacher to teach a hundred different people, especially with upwards of four lessons per month.   Obviously, with the way the internet is set up, the business has the means and resources to serve more customers.

As a customer you will always receive an incredible value. You’ll acquire many hours of instruction for just $39. Compare that with one 30 – 60 minute lesson from a personal instructor for about the same price, and the numbers obviously speak for themselves.

Disadvantage: No Face-to-Face

You will obviously have more interaction when you are taking lessons with an instructor in the real world. You can immediately get answers to questions you have during the lesson, and are only a week or less from getting an answer to any you have between lessons.

With online lessons, you will have to wait for someone to respond to your email or post to a forum to get your questions answered.

Overall, interactive online guitar lessons are very valuable, just from the sheer volume of content available at the click of a mouse.

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