Practical Techniques for Preparing for Performance – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Normally, when you consider the practice time you devote to play your acoustic guitar, there are some basic commitments to techniques and exercises to you agree to in your learning. These are great and do help you get better at playing your acoustic guitar. But there are many techniques that are good for beginner guitar lessons, which are usually left untrained. Later you will wonder why no one taught this information.

It is not everyone’s goal with the acoustic guitar to perform, but it is for many. Being able to do something at home on your acoustic guitar, with ample lighting, no pressure (stage fright), and in a chair is significantly different than performing.

Here are a few tips to help you practice some fundamental skills while you are working on basic guitar techniques.

Play without looking at your hands. You will notice when performers play, most of the time they are not watching their hands. Of course, you’re probably fascinated with where their hands are going on the neck and how their fingers are paced, but you may not have the luxury of watching their hands, because sometimes it is dark and smoky.

Start practicing songs that you know without looking at your fingers to make the chords. If you have problems as a novice, memorizing where chords and notes belong on the guitar neck is an early step to better skills down the road. This will test your finger’s memory on how well you have really learned the chords and songs.

Singing while playing. It’s not everyone’s goal to become a singer while playing the guitar, but this is a great exercise to build rhythm. Strumming chords and the melody of the song are two completely different rhythms at once. It’s a mental challenge to get both to work together. If you hate singing, try humming when you a play song or whistle just for the sake of practice. If you want to sing while playing, you need to start trying this early so that both will work together more efficiently.

This doesn’t have to be done 100% of the time while you practice, but from time to time you should practice standing up. It is quite different than playing when the guitar is right there on your lap. Depending on what you are playing, it can be quite a bit more difficult. The things you thought you could play right and are often much more difficult due to the position of hands on the neck of the guitar. This is a good exercise because it helps prepare you for more realistic performance conditions.

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