Beginners Learn Guitar – The Basic Equipment Needed to Play the Electric Guitar

If you are a beginner who is ready, the guitar is absolutely fantastic to learn! Playing guitar is a very pleasant experience that will enrich your life in many ways.

Before you go out and start jamming with bands and promising your friends that you’ll be singing at the camp fire, you’re going to need some basic equipment.

Here is a list of basic things that every guitarist should have to start their own guitar adventure.

1. Need an electric guitar. This one is obvious, but it needs to be said. You can not stand around telling everyone you play the guitar when you don’t have one to play!

2. Get your instrument a case. Sometimes the beginner learning the guitar can ignore this device, but to have a case is almost as important as the instrument. A well-constructed case can save you hundreds of dollars in damage and grief when that first big accident comes.

3. Hold it up with a guitar strap. You do not want to play sitting down forever, so go out and buy a strap to hold your guitar. There are so many to choose from with a huge variety of colors, fabrics, and lengths.

4. Play through an amplifier. If you play live and share what you’ve learned as a beginner with an audience, you’ll need a way to make the guitar sound project. If you want an amp for practice reasons, stick with a 15 watt version, but if you want to play live, pick something with at least 50 watts.

5. You’ll need cables to hook up to the amp. You can connect wirelessly with eh proper equipment, but that’s an expense you can wait on. Order cables long enough to connect to your amplifier. Make sure you get 1/4 inch instrument jacks. And purchase extras so when the first batch goes bad right in the middle of a performance (and they will), you’ll be prepared.

6. Keep that guitar in tune with a tuner. Your strings have to stay tuned when you play and the best way is to check that with an electronic tuner. Go to your local music store and check out tuners that can hook right up to your amplifier as a pedal for tuning live on the go. You can also get inexpensive tuners that attach to the guitar headstock and allow you to easily tune the strings.

These are just some of the basic things that a beginner should buy to learn the guitar. Remember that things will wear and break and it’s always a good idea to have back-ups of your equipment and gear.

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