What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Beginner Guitar Lessons Online?

Streaming video lessons and other online resources are revolutionizing the way people can learn from the convenience of their own home. There are some disadvantages to this method, but they are minimal when you consider the advantages of online learning?

Advantage: Convenience

Imagine how great life would be if you could do everything from home:  exercise, shop, work, learn, etc. Now, with advances in Internet speed and technology, the home guitar education is no longer just a vision, it’s a reality! With high quality internet connections, online guitar lessons are transmitted to the computer as a video.

Traditional methods of lessons require that the student commutes to a studio or music shop for his or her lessons. By driving 30 minutes each way, you will spend more on gas than the same class! They are also required to set up appointments.   With online lessons, you can sit down and practice anytime you want without having to go anywhere. There are no restrictions of any kind.

Advantage:  Choosing an instructor

With a site such as Jamorama, you’ll be presented with many instructors who will teach you how to play guitar online. You have access to their profile, curriculum, and lesson samples. You can decide on someone who will be best suit your needs. You can use all the lessons you want from each teacher — there are no restrictions.

Beyond the personality appeal of all the instructors, you must consider their teaching styles. You can like a person’s personality, but her style may not be what you are looking for. Some teachers tend to be visual while others are more hands on. Many teachers are partial to a particular musical genre. It’s rare to find someone who’s talented at multiple styles (such as classic rock, metal, country, etc). In a place like Jamorama, you’ll be able to learn all styles from a variety of different teachers.

Advantage:  Flexible lesson plans

There’s not much in this world more irritating than learning just what somebody else wants to teach you. Sometimes a teacher will be pretty stubborn, and teach the curriculum that is exactly the same, regardless of what a student needs. This can result in dull lessons, obviously, and takes away from the learning. With the approach of multi-instructor beginner guitar lessons online, you can choose exactly what you want to learn.

Unlike other methods (DVD, personal instructors, books, etc), Jamorama will allow YOU to decide how you want to learn and when.

Advantage: Accessibility

This is one of the most important things to consider. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on guitar lessons. They could count on spending $ 20 or more per one half-hour lesson with instructions in person!

The business function for a site membership allows the company to offer a lot of content for less money. Let’s say, for example, that a site has a hundred members paying $12/month each. This means that they (the website) generate $1200 revenue. They can then use that $1200 to film even more guitar video lessons online.

In the world of face-to-face lessons, it is often not physically possible for a teacher to teach a hundred different people, especially with upwards of four lessons per month.   Obviously, with the way the internet is set up, the business has the means and resources to serve more customers.

As a customer you will always receive an incredible value. You’ll acquire many hours of instruction for just $39. Compare that with one 30 – 60 minute lesson from a personal instructor for about the same price, and the numbers obviously speak for themselves.

Disadvantage: No Face-to-Face

You will obviously have more interaction when you are taking lessons with an instructor in the real world. You can immediately get answers to questions you have during the lesson, and are only a week or less from getting an answer to any you have between lessons.

With online lessons, you will have to wait for someone to respond to your email or post to a forum to get your questions answered.

Overall, interactive online guitar lessons are very valuable, just from the sheer volume of content available at the click of a mouse.

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Practical Techniques for Preparing for Performance – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Normally, when you consider the practice time you devote to play your acoustic guitar, there are some basic commitments to techniques and exercises to you agree to in your learning. These are great and do help you get better at playing your acoustic guitar. But there are many techniques that are good for beginner guitar lessons, which are usually left untrained. Later you will wonder why no one taught this information.

It is not everyone’s goal with the acoustic guitar to perform, but it is for many. Being able to do something at home on your acoustic guitar, with ample lighting, no pressure (stage fright), and in a chair is significantly different than performing.

Here are a few tips to help you practice some fundamental skills while you are working on basic guitar techniques.

Play without looking at your hands. You will notice when performers play, most of the time they are not watching their hands. Of course, you’re probably fascinated with where their hands are going on the neck and how their fingers are paced, but you may not have the luxury of watching their hands, because sometimes it is dark and smoky.

Start practicing songs that you know without looking at your fingers to make the chords. If you have problems as a novice, memorizing where chords and notes belong on the guitar neck is an early step to better skills down the road. This will test your finger’s memory on how well you have really learned the chords and songs.

Singing while playing. It’s not everyone’s goal to become a singer while playing the guitar, but this is a great exercise to build rhythm. Strumming chords and the melody of the song are two completely different rhythms at once. It’s a mental challenge to get both to work together. If you hate singing, try humming when you a play song or whistle just for the sake of practice. If you want to sing while playing, you need to start trying this early so that both will work together more efficiently.

This doesn’t have to be done 100% of the time while you practice, but from time to time you should practice standing up. It is quite different than playing when the guitar is right there on your lap. Depending on what you are playing, it can be quite a bit more difficult. The things you thought you could play right and are often much more difficult due to the position of hands on the neck of the guitar. This is a good exercise because it helps prepare you for more realistic performance conditions.

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Beginner Guitar Lessons Free Online

The Internet provides many options for learning new skills and playing the guitar is one of them. Where else can you view hundreds (or thousands) of instructional videos, any time of day? With sites like YouTube and eZineArticles, there is an overwhelming amount of content to help you learn guitar.

These beginner free guitar lessons allow people to learn the musical instrument from the comfort of their own home without the need of scheduling a tutoring session with a teacher. These courses allow students to get their guitar lessons downloaded directly to their computer and allows them to practice their own pace. No one breathing down your neck to practice and complete a lesson by a certain day.

By working through lessons with a consistent practice schedule, anyone can eventually master the techniques being taught in these courses. With enough patience and dedication, you can start performing for your family and friends, eventually becoming a master of the guitar.

There are many advantages to learn to play guitar free online. One of these advantages is the cost of online courses. These online guitar lessons cost a fraction of what it would be if you hired a private tutor. By buying online, it allows you to pay a one time low fee while tutoring sessions can costs hundreds of dollars over time.

Another advantage is a qualified guitar teacher may not be available in your area. With online guitar lessons it does not matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your lesson and practice your guitar.

The truth is that it’s not only how you learn but also what you learn. Online lessons will teach you the exact same methods and techniques that a musical teacher would. It all boils down to practice and how much commitment you in your guitar playing. Since you don’t have an instructor to be accountable to for learning your lessons, you have to supply the discipline to succeed.

If you stick with a program, you will begin to see progress very early on. Even for those who have never picked up a guitar in their lives will be able to strum simple songs in a matter of days.

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Beginners Learn Guitar – The Basic Equipment Needed to Play the Electric Guitar

If you are a beginner who is ready, the guitar is absolutely fantastic to learn! Playing guitar is a very pleasant experience that will enrich your life in many ways.

Before you go out and start jamming with bands and promising your friends that you’ll be singing at the camp fire, you’re going to need some basic equipment.

Here is a list of basic things that every guitarist should have to start their own guitar adventure.

1. Need an electric guitar. This one is obvious, but it needs to be said. You can not stand around telling everyone you play the guitar when you don’t have one to play!

2. Get your instrument a case. Sometimes the beginner learning the guitar can ignore this device, but to have a case is almost as important as the instrument. A well-constructed case can save you hundreds of dollars in damage and grief when that first big accident comes.

3. Hold it up with a guitar strap. You do not want to play sitting down forever, so go out and buy a strap to hold your guitar. There are so many to choose from with a huge variety of colors, fabrics, and lengths.

4. Play through an amplifier. If you play live and share what you’ve learned as a beginner with an audience, you’ll need a way to make the guitar sound project. If you want an amp for practice reasons, stick with a 15 watt version, but if you want to play live, pick something with at least 50 watts.

5. You’ll need cables to hook up to the amp. You can connect wirelessly with eh proper equipment, but that’s an expense you can wait on. Order cables long enough to connect to your amplifier. Make sure you get 1/4 inch instrument jacks. And purchase extras so when the first batch goes bad right in the middle of a performance (and they will), you’ll be prepared.

6. Keep that guitar in tune with a tuner. Your strings have to stay tuned when you play and the best way is to check that with an electronic tuner. Go to your local music store and check out tuners that can hook right up to your amplifier as a pedal for tuning live on the go. You can also get inexpensive tuners that attach to the guitar headstock and allow you to easily tune the strings.

These are just some of the basic things that a beginner should buy to learn the guitar. Remember that things will wear and break and it’s always a good idea to have back-ups of your equipment and gear.

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Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners Video – Do They Work?

The Internet is a wonderful source of video guitar lessons for beginners. If you look hard enough you’ll find a guitar tutorial on just about every guitar technique, song, and style that you can think of. Some of these tutorials are free while others require an initial fee and monthly subscription.

The main challenge with learning online, and with beginner video guitar lessons in particular, is that there can be too many choices. If you are already a guitar pro, you can find a course with a lot of options a good thing. You can zero in on exactly what you want to learn and get right to the lesson.

However, if you are still a beginner, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by choice and have to dig around for quality information. If you are trying this independent route, chances are you will soon become overwhelmed and possibly even give up. My advice, especially for new guitarists, is to start at the beginning with the online training in the way these sites are organized.

These types of programs are usually fairly cheap and affordable, equivalent to less than a single 30 minute session with a private guitar tutor. The decision to go with a guitar for beginners online program means you have to pay attention to someone else. However, through the learning process and online help, you will become a good guitar player as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’ve been working through one of these online programs lately and so far I am very happy with it. I was not a complete beginner when I started, but it was nice to go back and re-learn the old skills and fill in the missing information.

One of the advantages of online guitar training programs is that you get instant access to all sorts of learning material. The typical lesson in reading and playing music combine some very practical techniques. There are usually video tutorials and audio jam tracks to back up each lesson and really help solidify learning.

So, is it worth beginner video guitar lessons? I think so. The ones I have tried out are packed with features and make learning the guitar very easy. I have learned more in the last few weeks than I have in my effort to try to learn alone in recent years.

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Guitar for Beginners – Learn to Play Electric Guitar Online

The Internet has made life much easier. No matter what you’re looking for, you can almost guarantee that you’ll find it online. If you ever wanted to learn to play guitar, you will be happy to know that the Internet has many resources to help you achieve your goals.

Looking for beginner electric guitar lessons online is extremely simple. Go to your favorite search engine and type “guitar lessons for beginners”, which will bring thousands of results, so that there will be great resources from the comfort of your own home will find extremely easy.

You can find free instructional videos online, find ebooks that are full of helpful tips and exercises, and many websites devoted to helping guitar players master their craft. There are thousands of online courses for beginners.

One of the best things about learning online is that you get to learn at your own pace. Life is busy, sometimes it’s hard to commit a specific day each week to get a guitar lesson. When you choose to learn online, it gives you the freedom to take lessons whenever it is most convenient for you.

While the economy has deteriorated further, it’s nice to know that most beginners electric guitar lessons online can be Free. People taking private lessons with an instructor often spend $15 to $50 per hour.

If you can not stand the thought of your time used on a computer on a daily basis, beginner electric guitar lessons online may not the best choice for you. Another great option is buying a beginner guitar DVD course, although you may have to wait a bit before going this route. This can be for reasons of cost, but if you are committed to practicing regularly, you can make it worth your while once you have save the money to buy a course.

If you’re unsure of something on the DVD in the guitar course, you can re-watch a section as many times as you want. Often when people take private lessons, they don’t want to ask a lot of questions of teachers because of the unnecessary time and money to repeat lessons again and again.

If you enjoy saving money, online guitar lessons are definitely the way to go.
You can do everything a beginner needs to know, and many things can be learned in minutes (although not necessarily mastered!). Online lessons will teach you the names of all 6 strings, teach you how to hold the guitar and pick correctly, teach you how to play single notes, power chords, bar chords, and open chords.

Online guitar lessons for beginners are all over the Net and have never been so easy. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar, now is the time to do it. Good luck!

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Tips for Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

The best acoustic guitar for beginners to start with would ideally be inexpensive, of good quality and very comfortable in the hands. Guitars of these particular requirements are often made by well-known brand names in their low-end lines.

There are actually two types of this instrument that you can buy and they are the traditional nylon string and steel string acoustic. Depending on the style of music you want to play, you choose the type. For example, for classical or flamenco, choose nylon. For rock and country, you’ll want a steel string acoustic guitar.

There are many acoustic guitars which can be appropriate for individuals who are just learning to play the guitar. One way to achieve a high quality guitar for beginners is to buy from recommended dealers, either online or from a local music store.

The classic Fender guitars can be found at low prices, for example, and are designed specifically for beginners.

The Hannah Montana Acoustic Guitar is amongst the most favored beginners guitar of many teenage girls for the reason that it has associations with Miley Cyrus, though much like the cheaper Fenders, the Hannah Montana does not make an excellent long-lasting investment since it has sound issues.

The Seagull S6, for example, is also for beginners. Seagull guitars have received the best reviews for excellence. The S6 is not the cheapest, but of exceptional quality and will last you for years as a beginner acoustic guitar.

The Internet is a good reference for the quality of research guitar for beginners.
You may kick off your search by simply logging in to your favorite social networking website. Broadcast on your Facebook wall, for example, that you are interested in buying a guitar for beginners. You should have a few friends or contacts in a position to refer a good salesman or two.

You may also sign up for online community forums like GuitarForum.net, which is primarily an online community of artists and bands posting their first-hand experiences on specific instruments.

If kids are learning guitar, say ages 8 to 12, then the guitars with small fretboards are probably more appropriate. You might want to think about buy an acoustic guitar that is 3/4 scale.

Acoustic guitars are certainly wonderful to play but beginner players should be watchful when choosing their very first guitar instrument. If you are just a beginner has to decide on an economy guitar due to money constraints, do your research first using the methods above. This way you can understand first the good and the bad of the actual guitar itself.

When it comes down to learning to play the guitar, owning the right guitar for your guitar lessons is very important.

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Beginner Guitar Lesson DVDs – Are They Worth The Money?

Learn to play guitar can be a daunting task. One option is to use a beginner DVD guitar lesson series which offers several benefits. If you choose a DVD for a beginner, you want to keep in mind some specific points:

– By choosing the correct DVD, you can realize great benefit from this method.
– Guitar lessons for beginners on DVD can be very flexible. You can learn in the time and place that works best for you.
– They move forward with self-paced lessons and no waste of time driving to a lesson.
– You can review lessons and even share the DVD with other family members, making it wise investment.
– This option gives you the chance to try to play the guitar without much effort to see whether you really enjoy your new hobby.

Guitar courses on DVD also provide you with the opportunity to save more time and money. With DVD guitar is no longer necessary to go your own private guitar classes. You will not only spend less money on fuel but also be able to learn the guitar at the comfort of your own home. Obviously, guitar lessons on DVD changing the way we are learning a new skill.

A beginner DVD guitar lesson can range from exceptional to exceptionally poor.
To avoid choosing a poor course, follow some simple guidelines:

– Choose a DVD with clear and concise instruction.
– Instructors must be experienced and the lessons should have a good knowledge base.
– Finally, choose a beginner DVD guitar lesson series with high video quality, as this can make or break your experience.

Guitar lessons for beginners should address the beginner and not assume prior knowledge. Read the testimonials given by former/current students to know the benefits of learning from the instructor.

For those wanting to learn how to play guitar, a beginner DVD guitar course series can be the perfect answer. This is a cost effective way and allows the beginning guitarist time to practice with the benefit of learning at their own pace. It is a good way to get started and see if guitar is the right instrument for you. By choosing high-quality DVD content with good clarity and instructional range, you can acquire knowledge and experience equal to or greater than what should be found from private lessons, without the high cost of these meetings. Thus, a beginner DVD guitar series can provide many benefits.

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The Need to Learn Beginner Acoustic Guitar Online

You can learn almost everything online these days, even to play guitar. Getting acoustic beginner online guitar lessons is recommended for kids and adults who prefer learning on their own without leaving their homes. It is also ideal for people who are too busy to attend pre-arranged scheduled guitar lessons, but would still like to learn to play guitar in their free time.

If this will be your first time to actually try the instrument, or if you feel like there are still a lot of the basics that you don’t know, you’d best start with an acoustic guitar tutorial before you try more advanced instruction. Acoustic guitars can be more cost effective, too. You might rather avoid all the expenses of an electric guitar, where you’ll need to amplify the sound of your beginner abilities with additional equipment.

Online beginner acoustic guitar lessons can either be acquired through downloadable audio files (can be in mp3 format), lessons in DVD or CD accompanied by books, articles and tablatures, or through streaming audio or video that you can get by enrolling in tutorial websites for a fixed monthly rate.
Of course, the advantage of buying a copy of the CD, DVD or book is that you have access to it, as long as you want.

However, the benefit of enrolling in a website is that you’ll have almost limitless resources right at your fingertips, though for a limited amount of time. For different techniques you have access to a variety of guitar teachers and, more content and lessons are continually updated.

Guitar tutorial websites may also have forums or ‘community’ sections where you can interact with fellow beginners or get tips from more advanced learners. In general, the step-by-step tutorials can be taken at your own pace. This relieves the time pressure imposed by scheduled lessons with a live instructor. Sometimes that time/money pressure to learn acoustic guitar quickly for beginners can be stressful for aspiring guitarists – like they might not get their money’s-worth for their time with a teacher.

Learning guitar online can also be a lot less expensive than hiring a guitar teacher on an hourly rate. The diversity of the online instructors also exposes you to different styles of play, unlike when you buy from a solo guitar instructor.

Acoustic learner guitar lessons online can cover the most basic information like identifying guitar parts and tuning. Other things that you learn when you are just starting are holding the guitar and pick correctly, strumming techniques and the different strum patterns.

Once you’ve been introduced to the major and minor chords, and once you can read simple tabs, you’ll be able to play your first few songs. You will learn basic music theory as you learn about chords, scales and keys. Aside from strumming, finger picking is usually also part of beginner lessons. These guitar techniques are the basis of differentiation between the rhythmic and melodic guitar playing forms.

Also typically included in acoustic beginner online guitar lessons are barre and power chords, improvising or ‘jamming’ following the scales, maybe even techniques like sliding and bending. The awareness of rhythm and timing are also involved in teaching, and you will be able to practice as you learn. Normally, beginner guitar lessons cover blues and rock principles, and sometimes those of metal and country music too. Some lessons also teach exercises to learners to help their hand muscles adapt guitar. Who knows? You might even learn how to change your guitar strings!

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How Guitar for Beginners Play – Beginner Electric Guitar

So you want to play electric guitar? Most guitarists would agree that it is easier to learn the basics of guitar on an acoustic guitar, but that’s not the style for every taste. Regardless of which style you choose learning guitar will take practice.

Even though most guitar players consider the acoustic guitar easier to learn on, many consider the electric guitar easier to play. One of the main reasons is the string gauges used on electric guitar. The strings are much more forgiving to the fingers on an electric guitar. Less pressure on the fingerboard is required to obtain a clean sound and guitar beginners often find it less frustrating because of this.

Not only is the electric guitar easier on the fingers but another benefit for the beginner electric guitar player is loudness, or lack thereof, of sound the electric guitar produces. It is possible to practice quietly without waking the neighbors.

But isn’t the point of learning to play the electric guitar to be heard? Well, yes, after you practice, of course. Who heard a full Marshall stack guitar amplifier turned all the way down? The electric guitar is definitely meant to be heard!

Another advantage of electric guitars, which may not matter to beginners of electric guitar playing, is the ability to completely customize the sound. There are limited methods of changing the sound qualities of an acoustic guitar. Short of a changing the type of string, there is not much more you can do to influence the tone of an acoustic guitar unless you add a pickup.

The beginner electric guitar player, however, has many options. First, electric guitars with more than one pickup give you an option to change the tone of your sound by selecting the pickup. A pickup closer to the neck gives a warmer tone while the bridge pickup sounds more “metallic”, or trebly. Then there are the tone knobs. These do exactly what one would expect; they adjust the tone of the sound being amplified by the pickups. Usually there is a tone knob for each pickup.

Beyond the simple adjustments the beginner electric guitar player may additionally choose to change the pickups in the guitar. The pickups are simply magnets and wire wrapped around the magnets to detect the vibration of the strings. It may be hard to imagine how a few magnets and wires would have a noticeable impact on the guitar’s tone, but ask any guitar technician and he or she will tell you the pickups have more to do with influencing the electric guitars sound than any other component on it.

We came all this way and we have not discussed the amplifier. There is no need for the beginner electric guitar player to invest in a large or expensive amplifier. A small practice amp is the best option for new electric guitar players. They are cheap and allow you to get the basics down before upgrading to something bigger and louder. And nowadays, these practice amps often come with a variety of guitar effects built in to the system.

After all, nobody wants to listen to the guitar scales for beginners practice player at full volume! Save the large speakers and high wattage amplifiers until you are a bit better.

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